Yoshi Oida -
Interrogations in Liverpool am 30. Mai 2009
Live music by Dieter Trüstedt

The Koan is a collection of words written by Zen Masters.
During the 1960s, I travelled the world with Peter Brook's
experimental company, encountering audiences of every
type and culture and asking key quenstions.
In Interrogatins, I am returning to the spirit of those years
of travelling using the texts of the Koans as a starting point.

Yoshi Oida

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Yoshi Oida
Sitzend: Dieter Trüstedt
Auf dem Dach: Elinor Randle und Yorgos Karamalegos
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Yoshi Oida und Dieter Trüstedt im Spiegel des tmesis theatre
30. Mai 2009

Physical Fest 5 Liverpool unitytheatre

Die Musikinstrumente für Interrogations:



Steine und Narh

Schüssel, Trommel und Bassrohr

Chin und Nay

unitytheatre / tmesis theatre / Physical Fest 5
30. Mai 2009